Hexagonal chess

Welcome to hexagonal chess website!

On this website, you can learn and play hex chess online with friends or anyone else on the internet. Play fast or slow games, try different game modes, search your friends, talk to them or challenge them for a game.

There are many hexchess variants. On this site, you can play the most popular variant: Gliński's hexagonal chess. Gliński's hexagonal chess was invented in 1936. Play Gliński's hexagonal chess online live or correspondence mode.

Hexagonal chess is a must try game for everyone who plays chess. Hexagonal chess is much more complicated than regular chess. Playing hex chess also improves regular chess skills. There are lots of interesting things in hex chess, some of these are:

For more details read the rules.

On this website, you can also play some special variants. You can learn about the variants here.

For tips and tricks read the tips page. Highly recommended to new and also to experienced players.

Try our hex chess application to save any of your games and play against the computer.

Have a great time playing hex chess. Good luck and have fun!

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